Meet Megan at the party Nov 10!


Megan has been creating commissioned fine art, murals, trompe l’oeil illusions and complete environments for more than 22 years across 61 cities around the US. Now come see her latest abstract mixed media works in person, join us for Spectacle At Aura…

Megan has focused primarily on realist paintings throughout her career. With masterful technique in trompe l’oeil, she loves bringing the outside world inside, creating atmosphere in her client’s homes and businesses with her art. Now she introduces a new line of more abstract work. Inspired by nature, these mixed media pieces capture the essence of the natural world in textured sculptural bas relief paintings that light up the spaces where they’re installed. While some work will be available for purchase at this event, she is also completing commissioned pieces in this new series for commercial and residential clients.

Here is a link to a few of the pieces, more will be on show at the event at Aura Hair and Makeup at 7878 Roswell Rd. in Sandy Springs GA on November 10 6-9pm, see you there!

Visionary Mural Co Fine Art Mixed Media Brochure 2018

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Sky murals: endless possibilities with Visionary Mural Co.



Megan McKeithan of Visionary Mural Co. has painted thousands of square feet of sky murals since she began painting murals in 1994. Her work can be found all over the Atlanta area and 53 cities around the country. She paints sky murals either directly on the ceiling or walls, or on canvas for installation on ceilings or walls.


Sky murals vary in complexity; get the clouds right and it’s a beautiful thing…


Sky murals do not have to be complex; even wispy clouds drifting across the right base color can create an atmosphere of peace and tranquility in a bedroom when painted by a sky ceiling mural expert like Megan McKeithan.  Getting the weight of the clouds right, finding the right levels of transparency and opacity within the clouds, and spacing them correctly in the composition of the sky all contribute to a successful sky mural, whether it’s on the ceiling or the walls.


“Maddie’s Sky” sky ceiling mural by Visionary Mural Co. outside Atlanta in Marietta, GA


Megan painted these clouds in varying opacity on a simple blue wall and ceiling. The changing light from outside and interior lights helps add to the illusion of the depth; as the lighting coming into the room from outside changes, so does the sky mural inside.


“Inspired by Dr. Seuss” sky ceiling mural by Visionary Mural Co. outside Atlanta in Canton, GA


The clouds in this sky help add depth to the mural because they vary in size, appearing smaller in scale as the move toward the background. They also help direct your eye through the composition of the mural by how they are placed. Overlapping with some of the characters in the mural also helps add to the illusion of depth in the sky mural.


Sky murals vary in color; pick the right basecoat, coordinate with your room…


When planning a mural you can go with traditional blue skies but there are so many other colors you can use. The dominant color for a sky mural should coordinate with the other colors in the room. Fabrics, furnishings, paint, trim, and floor colors should all be considered when planning your mural. Sky ceiling and wall murals are not limited to blue or sunset and sunrise colors, they can really be created with any number of colors.


“Contemporary Sky” sky ceiling mural on canvas by Visionary Mural Co. just outside Atlanta in historic Marietta, GA


For example, Megan painted a sky mural on canvas for the ceiling of this powder room using grays, white, and little bit of gold to coordinate with the wall color, window treatments and furnishings in the bath and adjoining room. The sky ceiling and wall feature gold leaf birds to match the gold leaf embellished art works she created for the walls and to coordinate with the grays and gold in the window treatment.


The color of your sky mural also creates the feeling you want in the room.


The gray sky ceiling mural above creates a dramatic effect for this powder room, using gray and white colors and a swirling stylized cloud design. Other colors create warm inviting feelings, like for a nursery. Sunset colors often create relaxation and sunrises can create a feeling of expectancy or beginning. Choosing the right colors for your mural helps set the tone of the room and create the feeling of the space.

“Maggie’s Mural” sky mural on canvas by Visionary Mural Co. just outside Atlanta in Duluth, GA
This children’s mural on canvas for a nursery included only sunny yellow and white for the atmosphere of the sky, giving it a soft and warm feeling.


“Amoorah” sky mural by Visionary Mural Co. just outside Atlanta in Alpharetta, GA


This mural for a belly dancing studio incorporated the client’s favorite color purple with golden tones and white in the clouds for a dynamic sky effect. The figure, painted in metallic purple and gold stands out vividly against the bright sky mural. Even more interest is added with the reflection in the mirror. The mural gives a dramatic and exciting feeling to the space with its complientary purple and golden tones, perfect for a belly dancing studio.


“Sicilian Memories” sky mural on canvas by Visionary Mural Co. just outside Atlanta in Roswell, GA


The sky in this mural triptych is mostly a sunlit glow with just wispy clouds of white giving it a hazy afternoon relaxing feeling.  Megan painted this custom mural on canvas based on photographs her clients took on a trip to Italy together and wanted to remember with a mural in the center of their home.


Sky murals create the illusion of space in your room…


Megan often creates the illusion of depth within a landscape mural by lightening the sky and diminishing the contrast with the background as the background fades into the distance. This technique is used broadly in painting, but really works well at the scale of wall murals, as it tends to add space to the room.


“Tuscan Wine Cellar” sky mural by Visionary Mural Co. in Atlanta, GA


The sky lightens as it meets the horizon behind the mountains, which also lighten as the recede toward the horizon. Lessening the contrast between sky and ground gives the illusion of depth in a landscape mural.


“Italian Landscape” mural on canvas by Visionary Mural Co. in Atlanta, GA


The clouds in this mural blend into white at the horizon line, giving depth and distance beyond the hills. Bringing the saturation, hue, and value of the painting closer together, in this case, appreaching white as you go back in space in the sky and in the landscape is a very good way to show distance in your mural.


“Magic Tree” sky mural by Visionary Mural Co. in Kennestone Hospital Outpatient ENT outside Atlanta in Marietta, GA


There is no background in this mural but Megan wanted to create the feeling of distance in this tiny space so she lightened the sky at the bottom to create atmosphere behind the grass and animals. She also varied the size of the clouds and compressed them as your eye moves down the wall, creating the illusion of receding space in the mural. The small geese flying across the sky add to the effect of distance by contrasting scale with the foreground elements.


Use details to push the illusion of depth in sky murals


Images painted in front of your sky also help add to the illusion of depth and atmosphere in your mural. Birds, butterflies, bees, dragonflies, planes, hot air balloons, trees limbs, trellises, and vines can add a layer of sharper focused interest in front of the sky, giving your eye something to focus on in the middle ground or foreground, allowing the softly focused sky to recede into the background even more.


These murals from projects around Atlanta include details the help push the illusion of distance by placing a small item in sharper focus in contrast to the sky.


“Putti” sky ceiling mural by Visionary Mural Co. just outside Atlanta in Duluth, GA


Animals and plants aren’t the only things that can float in front of the sky and add to the illusion of depth in ceiling murals. Don’t forget putti (or cherubs) painted looking down at the viewer. These little angels hold various items like roses and a trumpet, heralding the client’s theme of love. They also hold a metallic gold ribbon that floats in the sky, connecting them all and adding another layer of interest in front of the sky.


Sky murals can also be seen from the other side of the clouds


“Outer Space” sky mural by Visionary Mural Co. just outside Atlanta in Alpharetta, GA


Another approach to sky murals is to look at them from the other side – outer space looking back at Earth. Megan created this outer space sky mural for a teenage boy’s room.


Megan has also painted blue sky murals with glowing stars you can see in black light or glowing in the darked room.   She created this effect on the ceiling of a party bus for a client based south of Atlanta in Williamson, GA.


Blue sky mural and night sky mural with black light stars and moon and glow in the dark stars and moon by Visionary Mural Co.


These photos show the same area of the party bus in each of the different lights, quite an interesting effect for a 53 foot party bus ceiling mural on canvas!

Sky murals can really be any color or style you want to create the atmosphere and feeling you want in your room.   Whether you are painting a sky on a ceiling or a wall, it’s a wonderful background for a mural, or focus of a mural, when painted by an expert sky mural painter like Megan McKeithan of Visionary Mural Co. With Visionary Mural Co, the possibilities for expressing yourself in your home or business are really endless!


Learn more about Visionary Mural Co.’s sky ceiling murals and sky wall murals in this sky mural blog post:


Learn more about glow in the dark sky and black light murals:


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The Sky’s the Limit! Sky Murals by Visionary Mural Co.



Experienced mural artist paints skies directly on ceilings and walls or on canvas for installation anywhere…


Megan McKeithan of Visionary Mural Co. has been painting murals and commissioned fine art paintings professionally since 1996, including sky ceilings and sky wall murals, all over the Atlanta area and in 61 cities around the country.  She paints sky murals either directly on the ceiling or walls, or on canvas for installation on ceilings or walls.

“Give It Time” sky mural on canvas by Visionary Mural Co. near Atlanta in Roswell, GA 


Sky murals create feeling in your room…


We all live beneath an ever-changing sky. The sky surrounds us and influences our experience in one way or another with its changing light, color, and shadows. Nothing creates the feeling you want in your room more than painting the perfect sky in a custom ceiling or wall mural. The colors of the sky and clouds, the shapes, shading, and weight of the clouds, and the composition of the clouds on the wall or ceiling, all contribute to the feeling of the sky mural or sky background within a mural.

Sky murals can elicit the feeling of calm, relaxation and stillness from the skies we experience and remember or imagine from a beach vacation a day at the lake or mountains.

“Happy Place” sky mural on canvas by Visionary Mural Co. in Panama City Beach, FL


“Floating” sky mural on canvas by Visionary Mural Co. just outside of Atlanta in Canton, GA


“Trophy Room Addition” sky mural by Visionary Mural Co. near Atlanta in Dunwoody, GA<


Visionary Mural Co.’s airy blue sky murals often include the walls and ceilings…


“Desert Island Hideaway” sky mural by Visionary Mural Co. outside Atlanta on Lake Lanier in Gainesville, GA



“Utah Lake” sky mural by Visionary Mural Co. just outside Atlanta in John’s Creek, GA


“Peaceful Abode” sky ceiling mural by Visionary Mural Co. in Atlanta, GA

In this mural, Megan updated an old bathroom and selected colors for the sky that coordinated with the color of the existing tile. The sky in this mural was inspired by a photo the couple had taken at their lake house in Florida. The flowers on the window frame echo those in the art work in the room.


Blue sky ceiling or wall murals don’t have to be light and airy, they can be quite dynamic as well…


“The Persistence of Dali” sky ceiling mural by Visionary Mural Co. outside Atlanta in Roswell, GA

This sky mural, painted across a double tray ceiling, was inspired by several different Salvador Dali paintings. The client’s favorite artist is Dali, so Megan pulled the sky and cloud colors, stylized cloud shapes, butterflies, swallows, and the melting clock from Dali’s paintings to create a custom mural for her client’s foyer. The richness of the blues in the sky and the depth of shadow in the clouds give a dramatic effect to the ceiling in contrast to the white ceiling around it and the orange walls below it.


“Avatlanta” sky mural on canvas by Visionary Mural Co. created for The Next Cool Thing interior design and film industry event in Atlanta, GA

Megan painted this mural on canvas inspired by Avatar for an interior design film event in Atlanta. The sky in this mural is intense blue with sunlit storm clouds and the planet’s moon. The hanging mountains and Avatar inspired rainforest landscape and 3D flying ikran are all connected by the strength of the colors in the sky. This 10×20 foot sky mural backed an entire 3D installation – creating a complete environment, one of Megan’s specialties.


“On Safari” sky mural on canvas by Visionary Mural Co. in Wellstar West Cobb Medical Center just outside Atlanta in Marietta, GA

Megan painted this safari mural with deep blue sky for a family practice doctor’s office. The sky in this mural features deep blue with undertones of darker blue and gray, giving a lot of depth and interest to a tight hallway space.


Skies create the illusion of space, depth, and atmosphere in your mural and in your room…


Whether you choose a lighter blue sky mural with wispy clouds and an overall breezy feeling, an intense blue sky with dynamic clouds or a glowing sunrise or sunset sky, you are setting the tone of the your room and your mural. A beautiful sunset can surround the subject matter of the mural and reflect in the water below –adding depth and interest to the mural.

“Suleymaniye” sky mural by Visionary Mural Co. just outside Atlanta in Duluth, GA

The sacred feeling of this mural is created with the sunlight and white in the sky, along with the reflection of the sky in the pool.


“New Beginning” sky mural by Visionary Mural Co. outside Atlanta in Acworth, GA

The flash of color you only get for a few minutes over a lake is captured in this sunset sky mural on canvas.

“Inspired by Disney’s Bambi” sky mural on canvas by Visionary Mural Co. just outside Atlanta in Suwanee, GA

Sunlit clouds in the sky provide a warm backdrop to this child’s mural on canvas.

“Give It Time” sky mural on canvas by Visionary Mural Co. near Atlanta in Roswell, GA

A sunrise can elicit the feeling of a fresh start, or starting something new. Megan selected a sunrise sky to help create this tranquil setting for the mural in a massage therapy waiting room.


“!3th Hole at Shark’s Tooth” sky mural on canvas by Visionary Mural Co. at Shark’s Tooth Wild Heron Country Club in Panama City Beach, FL

The glow of a Maxfield Parrish inspired sky mural works for this Florida golf course, giving lots of color to the mural and interest in the clouds.



“Daybreak” sky mural on canvas by Visionary Mural Co. for Horseshoe Bend Country Club just outside Atlanta in Roswell, GA

This golf course has gorgeous sunrises every day, so Megan included one she painted as she watched it break across the new waterfall and addition to the club house featured in the mural.


“In the Land of Peter Rabbit, inspired by Beatrix Potter” sky mural by Visionary Mural Co. just outside Atlanta in Alpharetta, GA

This mural inspired by Beatrix Potter’s Peter Rabbit includes all the walls and ceilings of the room in a sunlit sky. Sky murals do not have to be completely realistic, you can create the illusion any way you’d like to get the atmosphere you want. For example in this nursery mural, Megan painted the walls in oranges and salmons then added in blue sky in the ceiling, with the wall colors dissipating as clouds where the ceiling and walls meet . She included the colors from the fabrics used in the window treatments and the hot air balloon canopy for the crib, then painted the top of the hot air balloon as trompe l’oeil into the ceiling. The client got the overall effect she wanted of a warm toned room, but got the contrast and additional depth of the blue sky above the room.


“Barrel Vault Sky” sky ceiling mural by Visionary Mural Co. in Atlanta, GA

Another way to create the illusion you desire is to stylize the elements of the mural. For example, this client wanted a sunset at one end of his barrel vaulted ceiling and a moon rise at the other end, with gold leaf stars on top – vioila! A sky mural that feels like it came from the renaissance…


“Abbie’s Fairies inspired by Barker” sky mural on canvas by Visionary Mural Co. just outside Atlanta in Duluth, GA

Megan painted this small mural on canvas inspired by Cicely Mary Barker’s flower fairies using a sunrise sky to give the nursery a warm and inviting glow.

While skies are often the background in murals, they can also be the focus of the painting, depending upon the atmosphere you intend to create with your mural. No matter what colors you have in your room you can always create the illusion of depth and space with a sky ceiling mural or sky wall mural by Megan McKeithan of Visionary Mural Co.

Read more about planning sky ceiling murals in the next blog post by Visionary Mural Co.


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Outer Space Murals by Visionary Mural Co. Glow In The Dark!


This video illustrates an outer space view of the Earth from the Moon mural painted by Megan McKeithan of Visionary Mural Co. outside of Atlanta, GA in Alpharetta.  It is the one of three kinds of glow in the dark and outer space murals Visionary Mural Co. offers. Find out more below…

Based in the Atlanta area, muralist Megan McKeithan, of Visionary Mural Co., creates three kinds of outer space murals that glow in the dark. First, she paints celestial night sky murals on off white colored ceilings or walls and they appear nearly invisible in regular light, but glow beautifully in black light and in the dark. Second, she adds a layer of glow in the dark stars over a fully rendered outer space mural. Third, she can add a layer of glow in the dark stars over a lighter mural, like a daytime sky on the walls or ceiling. The lighter color will reflect more light and show more stars at night than the darker colored sky mural.

The lighter the background wall color, the more stars show up in the dark, so choose your mural option based on the end result you want to achieve. A solid base coat of off white will reflect the most light back to your eye, making the most stars shine brightly in the dark, while a dark colored sky will reflect some stars, but not as many. However, if you want an outer space look all the time, the full outer space mural is the way to go, with the added bonus of some glow in the dark at night.

Atlanta area Outer Space Murals by Visionary Mural Co.



1. Celestial glow in the dark night sky murals on off-white ceilings


If you select the nearly invisible glow in the dark star mural over an off white basecoat, just charge your mural for 30 minutes in white light or black light and enjoy stars, constellations and the Milky Way for hours. The lighter the base color, the longer the glow will last and the better camouflaged the star paint will be against the ceiling color.

Phosphorescent star mural in white light, black light, and no light. One image shown here features the white and black lights turned on so you can start to see the glow come to life.


Megan McKeithan of Visionary Mural Co., painted this mural above the soffit in a home theater in Kennesaw, just outside of Atlanta, GA. The soffit contains fluorescent black lights on three sides. The black light option lets you entertain without the lights completely out and lets you see a lot of the magic of the glow in the dark sky mural. Inexpensive fluorescent fixtures were used to light the mural in this room as no one sees them on top of the soffit.

The same glow in the dark star mural sample board shown in white, black, and no light

Black light offers interesting option for seeing the mural while still having light to move around the room.

If you select the nearly invisible glow in the dark star mural over an off white basecoat, just charge your mural for 30 minutes in white light or black light and enjoy stars, constellations and the Milky Way for hours. The lighter the base color, the longer the glow will last and the better camouflaged the star paint will be against the ceiling color.

Visionary Mural Co. uses only top quality professional grade non-toxic phosphorescent paints (not sold in retail stores) to provide the longest lasting glow available. Select a basecoat in eggshell-sheened latex paint to prepare your ceiling or wall for a celestial mural. Consider using up-lights to charge your ceiling for the brightest charge. With seven glowing colors to choose from Visionary Mural Co. can customize your mural with any celestial phenomena you can imagine. Stars, constellations, nebulae, or galaxies – you can create your very own universe!

Image of the paints used by Visionary Mural Co. to paint glow in the dark star murals.
For the murals shown here, the red, yellow and green have not been used, but they are available for other kinds of outer space phenomena.

2. Outer Space murals seen in the daytime with glow in the dark stars layer on top

If you select the second option, Visionary Mural Co. can paint an outer space mural visible in the daytime.  Megan McKeithan painted this mural for a teenager’s room in Alpharetta, right outside of Atlanta, GA. This mural features the view of the Earth from a bedroom hovering over the moon, and includes deep space and a star field.

At night the star field and stars subtly glow in the dark, giving a special effect to the mural.

While the stars are painted in the same paint as the home theater sky mural also shown here, the effect is subtler because of the darker wall behind the stars.

The mural transitions into a soft atmospheric faux finish on the other walls of the bedroom. The clients wanted the outer space feeling without getting too dark on the rest of the walls. Therefore the faux finish is a bit lighter than the mural and a bit softer to just give the idea of space clouds around the room. It’s actually a bit softer than it looks in these photos, just a nice environment for hanging out and playing video games.



3. Glow in The Dark Star Murals Painted On Top of Daytime Sky Murals


The third option for painting glow in the dark star murals is to paint a daytime sky mural that is lighter than an outer space mural and then adding a layer of glow in the dark stars on top. This would work well as the color of the glow in the dark paint is off white when it is not glowing. It will camouflage nicely with lighter blues and grays and whites as you might see in a sky like this one.

Megan could paint the very same mural on top of a sky like this as the glow in the dark night sky mural shown above in the home theater.

The glow would last longer the lighter the overall color of the sky.



If you’d like to paint a glow in the dark sky mural in your home or business, consider your options and your final output. A darkened room is perfect for a home theater or bedroom, where you actually spend time in the full dark, while a mural that shows up in the day time is also a great effect. Also consider black lights, they add an level of light you can use in between white light and black light while still having a cool effect. Measure out your wall(s) or ceiling and ceiling height and contact if you’d like to get an estimate for any of the three outer space glow in the dark sky mural options. Keep in mind you’ll need an eggshell sheen basecoat for any mural (not flat ceiling paint). Glow in the dark star murals are actually one of the most affordable mural options and pack a lot of bang for your buck!

Megan McKeithan, of Visionary Mural Co. paints all sorts of murals in and around the Atlanta area. Visit her portfolio on and like her Visionary Mural Co. facebook page to see ongoing creative projects!

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Beautiful and Affordable Large-Scale Fine Art Murals


Visionary Mural Co. offers fine art murals digitally painted in any size for interior or exterior installation.  Megan McKeithan and her team of fine artists at Visionary Mural Co. design murals and paint them to scale, then digitally paint them at full size in artist’s oil paint on synthetic non-woven substrate.  Megan’s team uses Omniscape™, a unique digital painting technology, to create these large-scale murals.  Once their highly advanced machines have produced the large-scale murals, fine artists finish-paint them, add a coat of varnish, and they are ready for delivery. No one else has the technology and the experienced team to create beautiful large-scale fine art murals at such affordable pricing.


Three sample murals created by Visionary Mural Co. in traditional Chinese themes


Murals last a lifetime


Unlike digitally printed exterior banners and signs, Omniscape™ digitally painted murals are produced in artist’s oil paint, giving them years more longevity than the large format printing you see on billboards or buses.  Both the type of paint and the substrate they are painted on enable these murals to stand up to sun light, weather, and pollution much longer than any acrylic or latex paint on the market, adding literally years of life to outdoor murals.

The polyester non-woven substrate of the murals adheres to the surface of the wall like a second skin.  Unlike murals painted directly on exterior walls, there’s no cracking or peeling, as the paint is infused into the fabric and the fabric is permanently adhered to the wall.  The texture of the wall becomes the texture of the mural as nothing comes between the mural and the wall but the glue.  After your mural is installed, you can eventually get it down; just be sure to have a sand blaster on hand, or another mural to glue on top, as your mural has nearly become part of the wall.


Installation of Fine Art Murals


Experienced wallpaper installers are easily trained to install the murals in panels for any size interior or exterior wall.  With non-woven synthetic fabric there is no concern for stretching or warping.  Proper wall preparation will allow installation on concrete, brick, sheet rock, plaster and any number of wall surfaces.  Add two coats of the appropriate varnish for your location after installation and once every five years to expand the mural’s life span indefinitely.  Inexpensive drip rails installed along the top of exterior murals will help protect from water seepage and add even more longevity.  These are installed with ease on any type of wall surface.


The most economical large-scale fine art murals available


With the unique Omniscape™ digital painting process and fine artist painters, Visionary Mural Co. can produce large orders of murals quickly and economically.  Literally hundreds of thousands of square feet of murals are possible and affordable with this system.  If you are planning mural installations across the country, you can save time and money by installing several copies of the same design.  All of the copies of that design are painted at the same time.  In addition, the same design can be painted at various sizes to accommodate different sites.

Remarkably, should any part of a mural become damaged, Visionary Mural Co. can re-paint only that section and deliver it for installation on top of the problem area.  The mural material is infused with the paint and adhered to the wall so tightly that an installer can glue the new section up on top of the old section without a problem and the mural is as good as new.


Creating large-scale fine art murals


The process of creating large-scale fine art murals begins with determining the size of your murals and scope of your project.  For example, you will need to know the measurements of the murals you need, the number of murals needed, and how many of the sites are interior verses exterior.  You will also need to determine what type of walls you have; murals can be adhered to concrete, brick, sheet rock, plaster and many other surfaces.  Any ideas you have for theme or style of the murals are also helpful.  Further, you will need to know your schedule for the project so that Visionary Mural Co. can best determine how to plan your designs and project.  Once you have all of this information Megan McKeithan can work with you to create your project plan and budget.  If your project requires a good number of interior murals Visionary Mural Co. may suggest additional production processes to ensure the fastest delivery possible.  Your project plan will be designed to meet each of your specific needs.




Once you have determined your project plan, Visionary Mural Co. works with you to select the themes of your murals.  Together you will decide how many original murals of each theme Visionary Mural Co. will create.  Recently Megan McKeithan and her team of fine artists worked on a series of themes for a company requesting traditional Chinese themes for their murals.  You can see a list of potential themes for this type of mural here.  These themes have also been illustrated with photographs showing inspiration for each of the themes in a separate document for the client.  Two pages of this book are included here to give you an idea of the type of book Visionary  Mural Co. will create for your project themes.

Visionary Mural Co. includes photographs, traditional art works and other illustrations that may serve as inspiration for the themes of the murals.


Samples of large-scale traditional Chinese murals


The fine artists at Visionary Mural Co. have created three sample murals in traditional Chinese themes to demonstrate the process of creating large-scale murals.  China has a long history of bas-relief sculptural wall murals, so the first sample has been created as a trompe l’oeil painting to look like a stone bas-relief of traditional Chinese Lions.  Further, a traditional Chinese folk tale inspired the second sample mural with warrior and dragon, complete with a traditional gold leaf effect.  The third sample includes a peacock, an image of dignity and beauty found throughout Chinese art history.




Once you have agreed to themes for your murals, Visionary Mural Co. creates drawings known as Sketches of the murals.  All Sketches are created within the themes you have already agreed upon and are intended to show the subject matter and general color and style planned for each mural painting.  Visionary Mural Co. then submits the Sketches for your approval via Internet in a sophisticated on-line project management system.  This interactive system will allow you to view each phase of your project from beginning to end.  You can review images, ask questions, comment, and submit approvals all in one place, making the process run efficiently and transparently for all parties.

The fine artists of Visionary Mural Co. created these sketches illustrating  traditional Chinese themes of Bas Relief Lions, Warrior and Dragon with Gold Leaf effect, and a Peacock


Original Mural Paintings


Once you have approved the Sketches, the fine artists will paint the Original Mural Paintings at a scale of approximately 1:5.  These paintings are highly detailed and suitable for enlargement to the final mural size.  The finished Original Mural Paintings will be scanned and submitted to you for approval.  You will be able to track the progress of each part of the project from Sketch to Original Mural Painting to Finished Large-scale Mural.

Original Murals painted to scale by Visionary Mural Co. for enlargement and installation on interior and exterior walls


Finished Large-Scale Murals


Once the Original Mural Paintings are approved, Visionary Mural Co. creates full sized paintings of the murals, known as the Finished Large-scale Murals.  Using their unique Omniscape™ technology, Visionary Mural Co. artists first digitally paint the murals with advanced technology machines, then finish-paint them by hand and coat them in protective varnish.  The Finished Large-scale Murals are painted on overlapping panels so that they are easily installed like wallpaper.  Visionary Mural Co. determines the best width of each panel based on the measurements of the site.  Most often the panels are painted to ensure ease of installation; the width of the panel can usually be held and glued in place by one or two people.  Visionary Mural Co. will show your installers the process at the beginning of the project then supply you with training videos and written instructions, and offer on-line and telephone customer service throughout your project so you can be sure the murals will be installed correctly.

Smaller scale original murals are digitally painted at full scale using unique Omniscape™ technology on user-friendly lightweight panels then finish-painted, varnished, and prepared for shipment.


Once your Finished Large-scale Murals are complete they are approved by your representative at our factory and then turned over to you for shipping.  The finished large-scale murals are very lightweight.  Many murals are layered on top of each other and rolled together onto tubes for shipment.  It is often most efficient to ship them via air freight versus shipping container, as literally thousands of square feet can fit in a space much smaller than a shipping container.  There is no need to wait to fill an entire container; the murals are produced quickly enough to allow you to begin installing projects as soon as Visionary Mural Co. can produce them.  In addition, the cost of shipment by air is quite reasonable for the scale of large projects.  Visionary Mural Co. will work with you to determine the best system for you to transport the murals from our factory to your installation sites.

Included here are renderings of potential interior and exterior installations of the sample murals.  These images are Chinese Railway Stations and other subway, railroad and rail transit areas intended to demonstrate potential locations for the murals.  Please note that the sample Original Mural Paintings have been repeated in some of the rendered images only to fill the appropriate areas.  Finished Large-scale Murals will be designed to fit your actual site measurements.

Renderings of traditional Chinese murals installed inside subway, and rail or railroad and transit stations



Renderings of traditional Chinese murals installed outside subway, and rail or railroad and transit stations


The experienced team members of Visionary Mural Co. have created hundreds of thousands of square feet of murals using their unique Omniscape™ technology combined with fine artists’ original paintings and finish-painting.

Examples of interior and exterior murals created by Visionary Mural Co’s experienced partners using this unique technology

Find out more


Please contact Megan McKeithan at Visionary Mural Co. to find out more about creating large-scale murals for installation anywhere.  She will be happy to discuss your project scope with you and offer quotes on large-scale mural installations.  No one else has the technology and the team to create beautiful large-scale fine art murals for interior and exterior sites at such affordable pricing.

Visit to see other fine art murals, trompe l’oeil illusions and complete environments by Visionary Mural Co.

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Celestial Murals Glow in the Dark!


Megan McKeithan of Visionary Mural Co. now paints glow in the dark phosphorescent star murals for ceilings and walls of home theaters and rooms all around the metro Atlanta area.



Megan McKeithan, of Visionary Mural Co., now paints phosphorescent glow in the dark star murals on ceilings or walls in the Atlanta area.


Celestial murals painted on ceilings or walls by Visionary Mural Co.  appear nearly invisible in regular light but glow beautifully in black light and in the dark. One of the most affordable ceiling treatments available for home theaters and other rooms, glowing night sky murals pack a lot of bang for your buck!


Glow in the dark home theater ceiling mural by Visionary Mural Co. in Kennesaw, just outside of Atlanta, GA.


Megan McKeithan, of Visionary Mural Co. painted this glow in the dark star mural on a home theater ceiling in Kennesaw, GA, just outside of Atlanta. The home theater ceiling was first painted in an off white color. Even though she used four colors of phosphorescent glow in the dark paint to create the effect, the paint appears off white when it is not glowing so the mural is camouflaged in the the white light of the room. Keep in mind that the lighter the ceiling color, the more light the phosphorescent particles in the paint receive and can then reflect back to create the glowing effect. So, even though people sometimes paint star murals on dark ceilings, the lighter the ceiling color, the longer the after-glow effect will last.

Glow in the dark home theater ceiling mural in white light by Visionary Mural. Co near Atlanta, GA


Megan’s clients installed black lights in the soffit. These lights are basic fixtures for black light, just like fluorescent tubes used in utility lighting. When you turn on the white lights of the room and the black lights at the same time you can see the stars mural begin to appear as if it is encased in the ceiling. It is an amazing illusion to watch it come to life!

Glow in the dark home theater ceiling mural in white light with black light by Visionary Mural Co. in Kennesaw, near Atlanta, GA


Once you turn off the white lights and keep the black lights on you can see the ceiling mural come to life. You can charge your star mural with black lights or white lights. You need to charge the paint particles in your star mural for at least thirty minutes to ensure long lasting after glow. It is best to use up-lights to charge the mural, so you can aim as much light as possible at the phosphorescent particles in the paint. These tiny particles capture the light and reflect it back to you as after-glow. The black lighting creates wonderful atmosphere in the theater while charging the mural. With the black lights on everyone can come in to the theater, get settled in their seats and enjoy the mural in the other-worldly glow before you turn off the lights.

Glow in the dark home theater ceiling mural in black light by Visionary Mural Co. in Kennesaw, GA, just outside Atlanta


Megan’s clients chose to have have an all over star effect. Megan included the zodiac constellations of the family’s zodiac signs in the corners of the room, as well as the Big Dipper over the seating area. Some people might choose larger constellations to highlight. Megan can help you decide which constellations to place where in your room, depending upon your tastes and the scale of your ceiling or walls. Capricorn is featured in the corner of the room to the left of the Milky Way in this photo.

Glow in the dark home theater ceiling Capricorn constellation in black light by Visionary Mural Co. near Atlanta, GA in Kennesaw


Megan uses top quality phosphorescent paints not sold in retail stores to ensure that you get hours of after-glow time for your murals. Cheaper consumer paints will start to fade within minutes, while these paints can last many hours, depending on the color you choose. You can see there are three colors in the Milky Way, with the violet being the most subtle but creating a wonderful deep space illusion. Turn off the black lights and voila!

Glow in the dark home theater ceiling mural with no lights by Visionary Mural Co. in Kennesaw, GA, just outside of Atlanta


The effect of the glow in the dark phosphorescent paint will last for hours. The paint particles are bright enough to light the room like the stars do outside on a clear night with no light pollution. The effect is actually quite magical, especially when you consider that it is a surprise you would never know was there with a light colored ceiling.

To show her clients what the effect would look like in their home theater, Megan prepared these sample boards. Each picture is of the same two sample boards. First, in white light you can only see the base color off-white paint. You will need to paint your ceiling in an eggshell sheen paint, not flat! This will allow Megan to manipulate the paint and get the effect just right. Flat paint would soak the paint right into the wall and not allow for illusions like the Milky Way.

Example of star mural sample boards in white light by Visionary Mural Co. in Roswell, Alpharetta, Kennesaw, Marietta, and all around Atlanta, GA


The same sample boards are shown here in black light. Keep in mind, this is shot with one black light fluorescent bulb in a clip lamp, not a long tube in a fixture you would have in a home theater. Even with only one small bulb you can see the effect of the black light, but with more light you’d be able to see even more of the Milky Way.

Example of star mural sample boards in black light by Visionary Mural Co. in Roswell, Alpharetta, Milton, Marietta, Buckhead, Kennesaw, Duluth, Sugar Loaf, and all over the metro Atlanta area


The same sample boards are shown here in no light. You can really see the various layers of the Milky Way here, along with a variety of sizes of stars, helping to create the illusion of deep space.

Example of star mural sample boards in no light by Visionary Mural Co. in the Atlanta area


Megan can use up to seven colors to create stars, constellations, nebulae, or galaxies. Each color appears off-white when not charged, but glows beautifully in the dark. The colors each have different after glow times, with the warmer colors fading a little sooner than the cooler colors. Megan can work with you to achieve whatever effect you’d like to create!

Variety of colors for glow in the dark star ceiling or wall murals by Visionary Mural Co. all around the metro Atlanta area


To get started on your glow in the dark star mural, first measure your room’s ceilings or walls. Then consider up-lighting, along with white lighting and black lighting options. Look at space pictures you like and determine if you want to try planets or moons, constellations or nebulae. Then, contact Megan McKeithan at to get started on your star mural. She can help you make decisions about the design of the mural and style of the sky. She can also help you select the right base color for your ceiling or wall.

Megan McKeithan of Visionary Mural Co, creates realistic glow in the dark star murals for ceilings and walls in home theaters and rooms all around Atlanta.
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Murals on Canvas in Atlanta and beyond…


Megan McKeithan of Visionary Mural Co. creates murals on canvas for installation all over Atlanta and around the country…

Murals on canvas around Atlanta…

Megan paints the murals either on Polymural synthetic canvas or on muslin.  Synthetic canvas is like traditional canvas in texture and is acid free and archival, but it does not stretch, which is beneficial when you are gluing the mural to a wall or ceiling.  Muslin, however, is also great for murals and comes in much larger sizes than Polymural.  Once Megan has prepared the muslin appropriately for mural painting, the fabric has stabilized and does not have too much stretch and can be used for murals on very large walls and ceilings.  Either method allows her clients to remove the mural later and re-install it in a new place…

She paints canvas murals using two different methods, depending on the circumstances of the site.  The first way is to stretch the canvas across the wall in her studio (located just outside of Atlanta in Roswell, GA), using staples all around the edges, then starch, prime, paint and varnish it.  Once the varnish is dry she removes the mural, rolls it up and transports it to the site for installation.  The walls or ceilings to be covered must be primed appropriately first, using a high quality wallpaper primer.  Then the installer applies the right strippable wallpaper paste and installs the mural…

This method works well for ceiling murals or locations under construction.  In either case, the mural can be finished off site and then installed quickly.  This can speed up the process of ceiling murals, which take longer to accomplish than wall murals, just because of the difficulty of painting overhead.  It also limits the time on site and any interruptions to home or business use that can be associated with erecting scaffolding and painting on site.  For projects under construction she can start the mural well before the building has been completed and install it as soon as the building is ready for the grand opening, which is a real time saver in construction scheduling…

DeKalb County Renewable Fuels Facility Mural on Muslin, outside Atlanta, GA

Megan created this mural on muslin for the brand new Renewable Fuels Facility located just outside Atlanta at the DeKalb County Seminole Road Landfill.  Megan painted the mural on muslin in her studio in Roswell, but stretched the mural around a wooden frame and then installed it inside of an outer decorative frame in the facility.  Thousands of school children will visit the facility and use the mural to learn about the project…

This new project takes gases from the landfill and converts them to CNG fuel for the county’s sanitation vehicles, consumer automobiles, and home Natural Gas needs.  The mural features the cycle of trash pick up through energy creation at the new facility, along with the electricity producing and composting programs…

Megan created murals on Polymural canvas for these country club dining areas.  Megan completed this mural for Sharkstooth at Wild Heron in Panama City Beach while the clubhouse was still under construction.  Megan worked with Atlanta architectural firm Foley Design to create the mural.  It features the 13th hole in panoramic view and is rendered in an Arts & Crafts Style, featuring a Maxfield Parrish-inspired sky, to coordinate with the Coastal Craftsman style of the club…

Sharkstooth at Wild Heron, mural on canvas, Panama City Beach, FL

Megan completed this mural for the recently renovated Horseshoe Bend Country Club just outside Atlanta, in Roswell, GA.  The mural features the new addition to the clubhouse, a new golf hole and a new waterfall and stone bridge.  Megan and her client collaborated to create the design, including a sunrise inspired by a photo her client took at the club, as well as the new landscaping and bridge as it will appear in full bloom this summer.  In fact, the mural is installed in the clubhouse addition you can see on the right side of the building…

Horseshoe Bend Country Club, mural on canvas, Roswell, GA (just outside Atlanta)

Megan completed these sky murals for homes in the Atlanta area (Marietta and Stone Mountain) on muslin then installed them.  She also included metallic leaf accents to coordinate with the framed art in the rooms…

Art & Design Showhouse, mural on muslin and accompanying golf leaf birds & framed art, Marietta, GA (just north of Atlanta)

Private residence, mural on muslin and accompanying silver leaf butterflies, Stone Mountain, GA (just outside Atlanta)

The second way Megan creates murals on canvas is installing the canvas or muslin on the wall first, then painting the mural in situ. She either installs the white canvas on location then just paints on top of it as she would paint any mural on the wall, or, she stretches the muslin or canvas on a frame, then primes, starches, and paints several basecoats on the fabric.  Once that is dry she pulls it from the frame and installs it on the wall ready for painting.  These options allow her to complete the prep work ahead of time but paint the mural in its intended location and lighting, while allowing the client to remove the mural in the future and re-install it somewhere else…

This mural is an example of a installing the Polymural canvas then painting the mural on site.  Megan installed the canvas in three sections so that each could be removed and re-used when the client moves out of this leased office space…

Mindful Body Natural Healing Services, mural on canvas, Roswell, GA

Here is an example video of a mural painted on muslin that Megan’s helper prepared on a frame in the studio.  It is mural of the interior of the Paris Opera House, looking out from the stage into the audience.  The mural incorporates the beautiful ceiling painted by Marc Chagall in 1964 and the famous chandelier featured in Phantom of the Opera…

Private Residence, mural on muslin, Roswell, GA (just outside Atlanta)

Stephanie built a large wooden frame then stretched the muslin around the frame and starched, primed, and painted multiple basecoats.  When it was dry she cut it from the frame and delivered it to Megan for installation at the client’s home, where Megan then painted the mural on site.  You can see the steps in this video:

Megan also painted the Inspired By Avatar, “Avatlanta” mural on muslin…

Mural on muslin on curved wooden wall, inspired by Avatar, Atlanta, GA

She designed this 10’ x 20’ mural to stretch around a moveable curved wooden wall.  She set up the wall in the studio, stretched the muslin across it and painted the mural, then removed the mural and the wall and re-installed them in the exhibition hall for The Next Cool Thing event.  The mural and its wall have been moved 4 more times since then and still look as beautiful as the day she painted them…

Megan also creates smaller murals on framed canvases.  She created this flower fairy mural inspired by Mary Cicely Barker as well as the Bambi mural inspired by Disney, and the little bunny mural for children’s rooms.  She also created the sky mural for a doctor’s office.  The murals can be removed and reinstalled easily when the kids change rooms or move…

Murals on stretched canvases around Atlanta

She painted this beach mural in a home in Panama City Beach.   She stretched the canvas around the frame and painted it on location in this luxury rental home.  The mural features the view of the beach from the crow’s nest on the floor above and is incorporated into the room as another window, featuring the same breezy window treatments selected for the rest of the room.

Private residence, mural on stretched canvas, Panama City Beach, FL

Murals on canvas offer clients the opportunity to take their investments with them.   Painting on canvas also saves time and lessens interruption of life in the rooms where they are installed.  With options such as Polymural canvas and muslin, either pasted up or stretched on a frame, Megan can create a mural just about any size for just about any room, wall, or ceiling.

Murals on canvas video by client

Please contact Megan and check out to find out more about murals by Megan McKeithan.

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Combining Murals with 3D props & sculptures


Based in Atlanta, Megan McKeithan of Visionary Mural Co. paints fine art and trompe l’oeil murals combined with 3D props and sculptures to create complete environments. She also creates props for television and movies filmed in and around Atlanta. Recent projects include two sets of tombstones, one for Vampire Diaries and one for Teen Wolf on MTV…

Megan studied art, art history, architecture, and mural painting at Wellesley College, MIT, and SCAD. Her love of 2D and 3D art continues in her mural painting work after all these years. While painting trompe l’oeil illusions of three-dimensional architectural spaces is a specialty of hers, integrating painted pieces with actual three-dimensional pieces is also one of her favorite challenges…

For example, she recently painted a Salvador Dali-inspired mural on the ceiling of her client’s foyer. Using elements from many of her client’s favorite Dali paintings, Megan added a 3D melting clock suspended from a trompe l’oeil branch across the ceiling. The clock, designed by Megan and sculpted by her good friend Frank Yoculan, appears to hang across the branch in the mural. Megan designed the complete environment of the foyer to be an art salon; her client’s growing modern and contemporary art collection stretches up the walls below the mural. As they add to the collection they will fill all the walls of the “salon,” just as you would see in a traditional palace, villa, chateau or manor collection in Europe. The extruded PVC clock was cut out then sculpted with a special heat molding process. Then Megan painted the clock to match the mural and attached it the ceiling before painting the trompe l’oeil “branch” over it. The best part is that you can see the clock from the front entry of the home, as you look up through the chandelier into the mural, and you can see if from the other side as you come down the stairs; creating it in three dimensions brings the mural out into the space and changes the understanding of 3D space, which fits in perfectly with Salvador Dali’s design aesthetic…

Frank used the same heat molding process to create the over-sized leaves in the Avatar-inspired fantasy movie set Megan created with 5 other companies for The Next Cool Thing event in Atlanta. Megan painted a 10x x 20’ mural on canvas and stretched it across a self-standing moveable curved wooden wall Frank designed and built. Frank designed the huge custom leaves to mimic the ones where the Navi slept in James Cameron’s Avatar. Another great team member, Kass Wilson, created a custom iridescent painted finish for the leaves, giving them an elegant glow…

In addition to the large leaves, Frank and Megan collaborated on a three-dimensional Ikran sculpture integrated into the mural. Frank sculpted Fred the flying Ikran, and Megan painted him into the mural. The sculpture actually moves when you touch it, giving a life-like quality to the artwork. Fred was a big hit at the events, with thousands of people having their pictures taken in front of the mural with him…

Frank also created 3D hanging mountains that Megan translated into the mural, continuing the line of mountains in the real world into the distance of the painted world.  In addition, the team created three-dimensional sculptures of fantasy creatures, including fiber-optically lit seedpods. Also included in the mural is a beautiful textural branch painted by Megan’s teammate Kass Wilson. It’s actually a 3D texture painted on a separate material but attaches to the mural on canvas once it’s been stretched across the wooden wall. They also attached faux painted foliage to help continue the 3D effect. Kass also painted 3D silk flowers and plants to look like they belonged in the fantasy set and placed them in front of the atmospheric mural so that the 3D world and 2D mural seamlessly work together and create the illusion of distance. Frank even created glowing cypress knees to help add to the otherworldly atmosphere of the environment they created…

Check out this link to see more about this project: Avatar Mural Project  and this website to see even more about how they created all of the fantasy movie prop elements:

Clients have also asked Megan to incorporate their own 3D props in some of her pieces. In this French chateau wine cellar mural project, she included the beer barrel and antique wooden doors in the mural. She painted the architecture in the mural surrounding the doors to appear to support the doors, and the trompe l’oeil stonework to appear to surround the barrel…

In Megan’s Peter Rabbit Mural (inspired by the work of Beatrix Potter), she painted a 3D hot air balloon over the crib into the ceiling mural. The same seamstress who made the window treatments and bedding created the underside of the silk canopy. Megan then painted the “top” of the balloon to appear to stretch up into the sky on the ceiling and become the “hot air balloon” attached to the crib “basket.”…

Another interesting project Megan created was a sky mural backdrop for a sheep and mountain installation in a trophy room. This client has a massive collection of animals in his trophy room, but had to create an addition to house the newest sheep, so he asked Megan to paint a sky mural that would work on the left side with desert sheep and the right side with artic sheep. Megan painted some of the 3D yellow leaves in the mural to help coordinate the actual exhibit with the painted mural. She also transitioned the sky from a more cerulean blue in the desert side to a more cobalt blue with brighter white in the clouds in the arctic side…

Painting this project reminded Megan of early in her career when she worked for Rebecca Fuller of RAF Models and Displays in Winston-Salem, NC. Rebecca built models and sculptures for National and State Park visitor centers, and for museums and corporations. She has an incredible sculptural background and Megan was lucky enough to get to know her years before when she babysat for Rebecca’s young children, then return from college and work in the shop learning 3D fabrication…

Rebecca asked her to help paint a 3D model of Chickamauga National Military Park. Megan built a few models while studying architecture at MIT and Wellesley, but had never seen an airbrush, let alone worked with automotive paint, bondo, and fiberglass, but jumped at the chance to try something new. Something new turned out to be donning a gas mask and working outdoors, attempting to airbrush a ten foot long, 300-pound fiberglass sculpture teetering on an unwieldy cart liberated from the local hardware store, while combating the weather and desperately trying to achieve the perfect balance of paint and thinner that would actually work without blowing away or gumming up the paint gun and splattering permanent blobs across the entire model. Let’s just say the learning curve was pretty steep. Fortunately for Megan, she was great at matching colors and painting and all of the shops projects had to be painted, so she stayed on and got better!…

Among the museums, national parks, and companies they worked with was Krispy Kreme, their hometown institution that was going public. Megan sculpted four three-foot wide fiberglass doughnuts for two kiosk carts they were building – one to for Penn Station in New York, and one to be used in the filming of Primary Colors…

While some of the following 3D projects aren’t combined with murals, they are part of larger exhibits and show some of the types of 3D props and sculptures Megan has worked on over the years…

For example, the Natchez Visitor’s Center model shown here includes several thousand buildings on a topographic map of the city, highlighting the location of several antebellum homes. Located on the Natchez Trace on the Mississippi River, the visitor’s center also houses a small model Megan and Rebecca created of Frogmore Plantation, located just across the river in Louisiana. Megan also touched up a printed mural for the museum exhibit project, but this was in the days before digital, so no photo…

Photo credits:
Natchez Visitor’s Center: Used with permission, copyright:
Woman with Natchez model found on:
Frogmore Plantation: Used with permission:

Megan also helped sculpt and paint this topographic map of Cape Lookout National Seashore. This was in the days before Google, so you couldn’t just grab a satellite image on line. Megan and Rebecca actually got to fly over the national park with the park service pilot, taking pictures for reference for the model. And special NASA images were snail mailed to them for use as reference on the look of the ocean from space…

Other projects Megan contributed to include a bronze sculpture for Manassas Battlefield Visitor’s Center in Manassas, VA, a bronze sculpture of the fort at Castillo San Marcos, in St. Augustine, FL, and (not pictured) a model and diorama at Ice Age National Park in Cambellsport, WI, and museum exhibits at MESDA and The Reynolda House Museum of American Art. Check out more of Rebecca Fuller’s incredible projects including her specialty, tactile exhibits for people with special needs:

Photo credit, San Marcos:

Painting and sculpting mural & 3D props with high school apprentices…

One of Megan’s earliest mural projects combined with 3D sculpture was Bethabara National Historic Site, where she designed a two-story interior 2000ft² mural with 3-D trees, beaver pond, and interactive wildlife pieces, then painted the project with high school and college apprentices in a wonderful art job training program called Artiva. Rebecca and many friends and even Megan’s parents pitched in to help on this massive undertaking, a project first conceived by Rod Meyers, the director of the park. When he approached the Arts Council with the idea, they called Megan to come back from Atlanta to do it; no one else was able (or crazy?) enough to try to pull it off. Together they created this complete environment designed to house a program called Project Wild in which school children visited the historic site and learned about their environment then entered their findings in a program shared around the globe with other school children on the early Internet…

The mural design tells the history of the Bethabara settlement, through 400 years and 4 seasons. As you walk around the room you see the trees, plants, and animals that are found through out the park as well as the development of the historic settlement through the unfolding of the seasons. Megan and her students built a three dimensional beaver pond coming out from the mural onto the floor of the room, as well as a two-story tall tree, combining a real tree that had fallen in the park, along with a paper mache trunk and silk leaves amongst plywood cut out painted leaves. They also cut out tree patterns in two other places and integrated them into the architecture and painted the upstairs loft to look like a tree house, complete with windows. The mural wraps the entire interior and creates a complete artistic environment. Megan and the apprentices particularly enjoyed combining 3D props and mural painting in the beaver pond area. They used 3D birds and insects found at a local craft store and in the 3D environment. They even placed a bird’s nest in the tree…

The apprentices even painted animals on 25 small plastic squares with backgrounds matching the mural so that the school children using the exhibit could interact with it by figuring out where to match the pieces in the mural. The pieces adhered to the wall with Velcro, which the apprentices painted to match as well, camouflaging the locations of the pieces and making a fun interactive game for the students…

As far back as this project goes (1998) began has enjoyed creating murals with 3D props and sculptures. The challenge of rendering three dimensions in two dimensions is always a part of her murals, but adding the actual 3D sculptures and props makes it even more exciting!  See more of Megan’s work at

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Tuscany in Florida: Parkland Golf Course Mural

Based in Atlanta, Megan McKeithan paints murals on site and on canvas for installation anywhere. This spring, Megan hit the road to paint a Tuscan mural in the dining room of the new Golf Club at the Toll Brother’s Parkland Golf and Country Club in Parkland, Florida…

Located between West Palm Beach and Fort Lauderdale, Florida, Parkland is a beautiful country club situated at the edge of the everglades around a Greg Norman Golf Course. All of the homes and amenities buildings in the development are Tuscan style architecture and provide perfect opportunities for murals…

Megan painted the mural in five niches inside of a curved stone arcade. This space connects the foyer and pro-shop to the dining room and bar area. The mural incorporates elements often found in Tuscan murals; cypress trees, rolling hills and cultivated fields make up the landscape. Olive branches and a fig branch drape in the foreground to help add depth to the mural…

The interior designer, Yvonne Portwood, also asked Megan to integrate the feeling of the Florida landscape in the mural. While the client didn’t want to include palm trees and other Florida details in the mural, the designer wanted to help connect the Tuscan theme with the Florida landscape right outside the window. Toll Brothers, the design client, also asked for the colors to brighten up the somewhat dark arcade area. So, Megan used the beautiful blue and bold clouds of the Florida sky in the mural, echoing the rich blue tones of the accent colors used throughout the golf club…

You can see cobalt blue and cerulean in the art work featured around the mural and in the banquette upholstery.  She used those same blues in the shadows while infusing the landscape with hints of vibrant violets as well, evoking the feel of the light in Florida…

She also incorporated the limestone railed stone walls and rich tones of the beautiful Saint Augustine grass found throughout the country club into the design of the mural. The mural also features two views of a beautiful lake like those found all around the golf course to help connect the mural to its Parkland Golf and Country Club home…

While working on the mural the client also requested an antique finish on top of the painting to help make it feel as though it wasn’t brand new. Megan’s friend Tinsley Dempsey was on site helping paint the mural and created an antique glaze on top of the mural. Here you can see two panels; the one on the left before glazing, the one on the right after glazing. The glazing added texture and a touch of aging to the mural…

One other consideration of the project was keeping the mural within a tight budget. Megan was able to accommodate this request by keeping the sky large and the foreground simple. With a larger budget, more detail could be included in the foreground; perhaps flowering plants in Tuscan urns or sculptures could be added in front of the stone wall in the future. Or, stone pavers like the ones outside could be included to add even more depth in the foreground, with other items perhaps painted on the railings. Whenever she is planning a mural, Megan considers all of the requests of the client and comes up with the best solution to fit the architecture, the interior design, and the budget.

Megan can paint murals for homes in the Parkland, FL area on canvas in the studio and then install them on location like wallpaper. Murals painted on canvas fit right up to the edge of the wall or trim and do not appear to be any different from those painted directly on the wall yet allow you to take them with you if you move. Megan’s art works can be found in 48 cities around the United States and at

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Doctor’s Office Mural – Magical Tree

Megan McKeithan of Visionary Mural Co. created this magical tree mural in the Wellstar Medical Group, ENT Associates of North Georgia Doctor’s Offices located in the Kennestone Outpatient Pavilion just outside of Atlanta in Marietta, GA. Kristen Ericson of Facility Design & Relocation Inc. asked Megan to help her create a complete environment with her vision of a 3D tree in the children’s play area in the lobby. Kristen cleverly planned walls to mask a support column in the corner of the large space. She designed kid-sized openings in the walls so they could crawl “through” the tree and matched them to the arched opening off of the waiting room. She asked Megan to paint the illusion of a tree stretching across the protruding corner, and to coordinate the mural with the colors of the adjacent room and wooden finish of the writing counters she planned to install on the tree’s trunk…

This video shows the in progress creation of the mural from base coats through drawing and painting. Megan created a fantasy tree that seems to stretch up into the sky by designing contours that coordinate with the actual 3D arched openings and diminish in scale as they move up the wall, helping to create the foreshortened effect. You can see the contour lines she drew in chalk over the base coated tree walls. Megan selected colors for the basecoats that coordinated with the walls paint and fabrics Kristen selected for the office. The color of the tree, for example, is several steps darker on the same paint line as the wall color of the lobby. She also used the shapes and colors of the leaves on fabrics from the furnishings to help coordinate the mural with the surrounding interior design. She painted a park like setting around the tree to complete the environment. The bright sky blues echo Kristen’s Italian land and sea scape artwork selections in the adjacent room and transition down to a bright white horizon, giving the illusion of depth and atmosphere to the space. Birds and butterflies soar across the sky while animals poke their heads out of the grassy surroundings and tree roots. Red poppies add bright color and coordinate with those in the artwork throughout the health care office. Megan even painted a squirrel, caterpillar, and bees inside the tree as a secret for the kids to discover. This children’s mural creates exactly the complete environment Kristen was looking for while coordinating with the contemporary styling of the rest of the medical office…

Megan McKeithan paints much larger murals in a vast array of themes and styles, visit to see more of her portfolio and  learn more about murals, trompe l’oeil illusions, and complete environments.

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