"the perfect solution"

"remarkable gift for detail"

"a stunning mural"

"far superior"

"excellent project manager"

"Truly, a lifetime investment"

"a gifted artist…always unique"

"intuitive... creative... insightful"

"I'd be happy to recommend Megan to anyone"

"allowed me to have everything I wanted and more"

"thoughtful detail"

"holds special meaning to us"

“the perfect solution”

Megan is an amazing artist that has the ability to translate an abstract idea into a beautiful final product. As a client I only had an “idea” of what I wanted. She had the ability to offer me different ideas and processes. I had no clue how to execute it. Megan offered the perfect solution. She offers clients the resources to really make a mural unique and special. I am very pleased with both Megan and Karen’s work. I love my dining room! I really loved working with them; they were professional, clean and trustworthy. I couldn’t have asked for a better experience. I will definitely recommend them both and if I ever have another need they are the only one on my list. (Champagne faux finish created by Karen Lutz of Wall Expressions to coordinate with Chinoiserie – style monochromatic grape vines with gold leaf accents by Megan McKeithan).

– Kristi Massey, Client

“a stunning mural”

I worked with Megan McKeithan on a golf mural for Shark’s Tooth Golf Club in Lake Powell, Florida. The subject was the signature 13th hole designed by Greg Norman and the format was about 13′ long x 2′ high. Megan worked from photos, came on-site to see the views and topography in person, and supervised the installation. Using a style inspired by artist Maxfield Parrish, she created a stunning mural that blended beautifully with the arts and crafts interior. Megan was creative in her approach to the subject, and very responsive to our input. I look forward to future opportunities to work together.

– Sharon Foley, Interior Designer, The Interiors Studio

“remarkable gift for detail”

Megan is not only a singular talent, but a person with whom it is an absolute joy to work. It is rare to find someone who has such a remarkable gift for detail and sense of color and proportion on both large-scale and smaller format pieces. It is nigh impossible to find someone with great artistic gifting who also happens to have an analytical side that makes project management, budgeting, scheduling and all of the other non-artistic aspects of commissioned work flow as beautifully as Megan manages to deliver consistently. Her interior design work and large canvas mural were exactly the concept I had sought and were executed in a professional and timely manner. You would do well to commission Megan for your next project. I know that I will.

– Mark Murphy, Client

“Now, we’re not just walking into our home; we’re walking into a work of art”

Megan is the only person I’ve ever found who could pull off this extraordinary project…

Click here to watch the video

– Mark Murphy, Client

“far superior”

Megan’s style and talent are far superior to any other muralist I have ever worked with…

“She gets it done on time”

Equally important, she is someone who is actually dependable. I could count on her to start when she said and finish when she said. She gets it done on time. Megan has such a wide range of styles, I know I can count on her for any room I am creating. I can use her for foyers, children’s rooms, dining rooms, great rooms, home theaters, ceilings, or walls – whatever I need. And I know it will be perfect…

“I would be happy to recommend Megan to anyone”

Whatever you’re looking for, she can create it – exactly the way you want it. I would be happy to recommend her to anyone.

– Shannon Andrews, Client

“excellent project manager”

I worked closely with Megan on a large scale installation design. Megan is a rare combination of a talented artist and an excellent project manager. She is both creative and professional. Her vision, enthusiasm, and leadership were invaluable to our project.

– Jeff Morrison, architect, Robert & Company

“a gifted artist…always unique”

Megan is a gifted artist that somehow manages to combine proportion, realism, and fabulous color in her mural works of art with an equally amazing ability to create textural wall treatments that somehow look less pedantic than most “faux finishes”. The beauty of working with such an artist is that the end result is always unique and always just a little bit more than what you had envisioned in the first place.

– Kelly L. Bressler, Owner, Designer, Resource Design & Build, LLC

“intuitive… creative… insightful…”

Megan is intuitive and really in touch with what the client wants. She is creative and insightful. She listens to what you want while helping you figure out what would be best for your space and personality. Her work is amazing and detailed; my murals were better than I had imagined they could be.

– Beth Dowd, client

“allowed me to have everything I wanted and more”

What I liked about working with Megan was that she took the time to get to know us and depicted likenesses in my murals that held special significance to our lives. “No” wasn’t an answer she gave me. Her artistic creativity allowed me to have everything I wanted and more…

– Debbie Jones, client